Covid-19 Symptoms in those who vaccinated

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This vaccine side effect is more common after the second dose, usually occurs within two to four days after the vaccination, and can last for an average of 10 days.

Not all coronavirus vaccines are the same. Some tend to cause more side effects after the first dose, others cause more side effects after the second dose. The very common side effects are the same and should still only last a day or two.

Vaccine protection and timing It takes time before protection reaches its maximum level a few weeks after the second dose. For a one-dose vaccine, people will have built maximum immunity against COVID-19 a few weeks after getting vaccinated.

Ostrosky said once a person is infected with delta, the illness lasts roughly as long as the original virus, which is two weeks. If a person is admitted to the hospital for severe symptoms, treatment options are the same for most delta patients and people infected with other COVID strains.

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