Can You Spot the Cat Hiding in This Viral Photo?

There are people who can’t find the cat in this picture even after looking at it continuously for five minutes..

The image that confused Reddit users is going viral on social media. In the picture, a cat is hidden from view. The owner of the profile pizzaslayer111 posted a picture taken from the living room of his own house. Many wanted Sherlock Holmes themselves, but they could not find the hideout so easily.

Zoom in and out several times and some people find the cat. Others tried several times but failed and gave up. There was also a response that the photo was posted by someone in order to stick. One was disappointed not to be able to find even after looking at it continuously for five minutes. Most of the people were initially blindsided by the bookshelf seen in the picture. But looking at the camera, the cat can only be seen partially in this photo. Give it a try.

The film garnered 21,000 votes within three days of being posted.

Images of finding hidden pets have now become a trend on social media. There are also groups formed solely for this purpose.

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