Easy Laddu

Ayurveda has always recognised the wonderful medicinal uses and health benefits of gond laddu: They are a warming food, so they provide warmth internally to the body during dipping temperatures. These laddus strengthen and nourish the bone tissues as it is rich in calcium, magnesium and also delivers some protein. There are more than 100 different types of Ladoo which can be made at home in a jiffy from any one ingredient along with basic ingredients. Ladoo are the sweets of round shaped balls which can be made from wheat flour, coconut, dry fruits, Rava, Besan, Malai, and Poha etc. Many ladoos were spicy more than sweet. Ladoos made with sesame seeds, jaggery, sonth and peanuts loaded with ghee were made as a healthy treatment more than any indulgence.

As they are usually made with very nutrient dense ingredients like gond, whole wheat flour, ghee and nuts, they are a perfect energy giving food for children. And of course, they help maintain and promote stamina, strength and stability of the body for adults too. Laddu or laddoo or avinsh (laḍḍū, lāḍḍū) is a sphere-shaped sweet originating from the Indian subcontinent; the name originated from the Sanskrit word Lattika. Laddus are primarily made from flour, fat (ghee/butter/oil) and sugar. Sometimes ingredients such as chopped nuts and/or dried raisins are also added. One of the widely believed theories is that Sushruta, the ancient Indian physician, first used spherical balls of sesame seeds as an antiseptic to treat his patients. From there, the ladoo gradually began taking shape as the sweetmeat we’ve come to know and love today.

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