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One of yoga’s most transformational practices, pranayama serves as the bridge between the external and the internal. It’s conscious regulation of the breath that increases your energy and life force while helping to focus the mind. Pranayama creates harmony at all levels: physically in steady, healthy breathing patterns; mentally in calm and focused thoughts; and spiritually in connection to the universe.

Here Yogacharya Tara explains to EthnicHealthCourt about pranayama and its health benefits. Highly informative video. Watch carefully and share it with your friends to help them.

Spiritual awareness is pranayama’s most important effect. The breath, which is the physical body’s main prana, belongs to the cosmic breath or universal spirit. Pranayama is the practice of harmonizing the two and bridging any gaps in their connection.

The first three of Patanjali’s eight limbs—yamasniyamas, and asana—are considered external practices that help the yogi master their body and energy. After these comes the fourth limb of pranayama, and the steps that follow are internal practices that help the yogi master their senses and mind.

Pranayama is the step that helps yogis graduate from the external to the internal. Strangely enough, pranayama is skipped in many modern yoga classes. However, it’s important to keep in mind that yogis who want to advance on the yogic path shouldn’t skip this crucial practice.

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