Exposed to Covid positive?

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Imagine you met your neighbour the other day at the local grocery store and two days later you come to know that he has been tested COVID-19 positive, what would you do? It is natural to get panicked and anxious in such a case but it is equally important to take actions that prevent others from catching the virus from you.

In such senario these are the things which you have to do immediatley. Here Dr. Danish Salim explains about it in details. Highly informative video, Listen carefully.

Dr Danish Salim; currently working as the academic director and head of emergency department at PRS Hospital, Kerala.

He has over 10 years of experience in emergency and critical care. He was active in the field of emergency medicine and has contributed to bringing in multiple innovations for which Dr. Danish was awarded nationally as “Best innovator in emergency medicine and young achiever” as well as the ” Best emergency physician of state award”. Among multiple innovations like app for accident alerts, jump kits for common emergency management, Dr. Danish brought into being the state’s first bike ambulance and a single state wide-app to control and coordinate private and public ambulances under one platform. This network was appreciated and is successfully running with the support of the government currently.

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