Red Lip Naturally

Redness around the mouth is a common symptom of infection or injury, or it could be a sign of an underlying condition of another part of the body. Mouth redness may be caused by pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, which inflame the mucous membranes of the mouth. Very bright red lips. Naturally, a nice shade of red is what you are looking for to determine the healthiest lips. But this red shade, if too light, could also be a sign that your liver and spleen are struggling. The lips appear red because of the underlying blood vessels. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart. The arteries and veins are connected through a series of blood vessels called the capillaries.

1. Drink water throughout the day. Bet you didn’t see that coming! Keep your lips from drying out. Dry lips make thin skin on the lips crack, leaving marks, most especially if the peeling that follows hurts or wounds your lips. In the case of keeping your lips moist and alluring, water is still your best choice. Colored drinks like coffee, tea, and juices leave stains on your lips (and your teeth!). Consume these drinks rarely.

2. Honey and lemon therapy. This mixture will definitely get your lips going for A-10! Lemon has natural astringent properties that help lighten dark lips, while honey is a natural moisturizer.

Mix one part each of lemon extract and honey in a bowl. Take half a teaspoon and apply it on your lips. Keep wearing it about 30 minutes up to an hour then, gently wipe off the mixture. Get a clean bottle with lid and pour into it the remaining mixture. Keep the unused mixture in the fridge. Apply the mixture on your lips as frequently as possible.

3. A slice of beetroot. Beetroot is a superfood rich in nutrition and offers a wide range of health and beauty benefits, including for your lips. Slice a piece of beetroot and dab on your lips to leave a tinge of pink.

4. A drop of almond oil. Many moisturizers and lip balms use almond oil as a primary ingredient. So, why not use a lip balm for your lips? Simple, nothing beats the real thing. Almond oil contains high amounts of Vitamin E and Vitamin B2 that help restore and sustain moisture on your lips.

5. Moisturize and tint lips with rose and rose water. Make a paste by mashing one or two rose petals. Add rose water and honey to the rose petal paste. Mix thoroughly then apply on lips. The paste does not only moisturize your lips but also leave it looking naturally tinted. Repeat the routine several times a week.

6. Exfoliate with sugar. Add sugar and almond oil or butter to create a thick, course texture. Apply the mixture on your lips, gently rubbing the mixture in to exfoliate skin on lips, remove dead skin cells, and stimulate skin renewal.

7. Juice of cucumber. Cucumber is not only perfect to remedy puffy eyes but also, chapped lips. Cucumber is mostly made up of water which helps keep lips well-hydrated. Moreover, it is a rich source of Vitamin C, which plays a key role in collagen production thus, helping rid lips of dry, dead skin.

8. Strawberries for luscious lips. Talk about Vitamin C, and you can’t leave behind berries! To get a natural pinkish tint for your lips, reach for strawberries. Mash one piece of strawberry. Add olive oil or honey to thicken the mixture. Apply all around your lips. Leave on for an hour or overnight.

9. Baking soda scrub. Baking soda is a regular staple in most kitchens. Do you know that it’s also good for your beauty regimen? To exfoliate and lighten your lips to be exact. Put one to two teaspoons of baking soda in a small bowl. Add in a little amount of water. Dab on libs with massaging action to rid lips of dead skin. Clean and dry then follow up with almond oil or petroleum jelly to bring back lost moisture.

10. Aloe vera. Get a sap of aloe vera and apply directly on your lips. Aloe vera not only restores lost moisture but also leaves your lips soft and ultra kissable.

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