Reason behind the divorce of Amrutha and Bala

Amrutha Suresh and Bala, the popular young couple has recently parted ways. In a recent interview given to a popular magazine, Amrutha finally opened up the real reason behind their divorce.

According to the singer, it was her incorrect decision and stubbornness, which led to her early marriage and then divorce. Amrutha says she is the only person who is responsible for the sad phase in her life.

She also added that it is her parents and younger sister Abhirami Suresh, who brought back the happiness in her life. Amrutha is grateful that her family has never blamed her or left her alone during the tough times.

Another major strength in Amrutha’s life is actor Suresh Gopi, whom she considers as a fatherly figure. The singer points out that Suresh Gopi and wife Radhika have always supported her, no matter what.

Now, Amrutha Suresh is back in the singing field after a short hiatus, with her music band Amrutham Gamaya. She is also active in with television shows and has made a comeback to playback singing.

Amurtha, who is a strong follower of Mata Amritanandamayi, states that blessings of ‘amma’ are her biggest strength. She is currently residing in Kochi with her parents and only daughter Avantika Balakumar.

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