Fairness Tips Of Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra always has her pout on point and her hair in the perfect waves, and all those selfies you’ve envied on her Instagram profile are proof. Whether she’s travelling through timezones to make it to her multiple work and social commitments or spreading the word about human rights in her role as a UNICEF’s global goodwill ambassador, the actor manages to look amazing through it all. How does she do it? We combed through her Instagram, and it looks like the actor has been low-key giving out her beauty secrets all along. Here, we list out eight tips we’ve learned from Priyanka Chopra’s routine.

Beauty tip #1

Don’t shy away from wearing fun trends in the day, like metallic makeup. Opt for muted shades for the day, but make sure that they are more intense than the hues present in your outfit—pastels work best for this.

Beauty tip #2

Lipstick and mascara is one of the best beauty combinations out there. Moisturise your skin, swipe on your favourite matte lipstick—the brighter the better—and apply a few coats of mascara to open up your peepers; you won’t even need your morning coffee to feel alive.

Beauty tip #3

If you really want to wear makeup when you’re travelling, stick to light mascara and a hydrating, tinted lip balm. They won’t dry your skin any further, and you’ll still be able to use your in-flight sleeping mask too.

Beauty tip #4

Hydrate as much as you can—with serums and moisturisers topically, and with your everyday recommended two to three litres of water internally. You can switch up your liquid intake with daily one offs of coconut water and infused waters too.

Beauty tip #5

Whether you need to wake up at 5 am or 12 pm, always follow a night-time skincare routine. Cleanse your skin to take the day off your face, and follow it with your potent night creams and treatments. Chopra has given us a glimpse of her bare skin, right before she hit the sack, on her profile too.

Beauty tip #6

Go all out when the occasion demands it. Bold eyes and bold lips? Yes, but with just a little bit of a balance. When using a dark, broody lip colour, make sure your chunky glitter is of a bright hue, as opposed to something like a dark navy.

Beauty tip #7

When dressing for a formal event, let your outfit do the talking and use your makeup and hair looks to simply complement it; opt for a pink-toned nude pout and long lashes.

Beauty tip #8

Step away from your desk and spend some time in the sun to soak in that natural vitamin D every once in a while. But make sure you always have your SPF on, of course.

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