Cloth Bag Roses Heart Making

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Remove any dead petals and leaves from your roses. Cut a rose stem to about 2”, and push it down immediately into the foam. Repeat with your roses until the heart is filled up! Leave a bit of room between the roses so they have some space to open up over the next few days.

  1. Prepare fabric by selecting width, and if desired prep edges by pinking or folding.

    For example, when using 2″ strips:
    1. A small flower will require one 2″ strip, folded in half long ways (so it shows 1″ in length when folded) and pressed.
    2. A medium flower will require two 2″ strips, trimmed to approximately 1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ wide. You can leave the edge raw or use pinking sheers to add decorative cut edges.
    3. A larger flower can use two 2″ strips as is or you can use even wider strips. Again, you can leave the edge raw or use pinking sheers to add decorative cut edges.Tip: When making a medium or large flower, feel free to experiment with two different fabric patterns (as is shown in the second image below).
  2. With your strip, fold one short edge into a triangle shape with a point facing up, glue to secure.
  3. Hold the center and the fabric your twisting. Twist fabric 90 degrees about every 2″ to 4″ and, working in a spiral pattern, fold the fabric around the center, gluing every 3″ to 4″ or as often as necessary to secure the folds.

    Tip: Hold the glued fabric for a few seconds to secure before moving on in order to avoid pulling off hot glue.
  4. Continue until the flower is desired size. Leave approximately 1-1/2″ to cover the back, trim off excess fabric.
    • Use that strip to hide the back folds of the flower. Glue to the back to the folded flower. Add glue if needed to keep the folder flower in the shape you want.
    • Glue pin back into place if desired.

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