Mutton Liver Fry Masala

Liver is a very soft portion of goat/lamb and is a common made curry in every muslim household. we often make kaleji gurde ka salan as a side dish to chapathi in breakfast and is also a useful recipe to be made during festivals like bakrid.

This recipe is quite simple but it’s  yummy and delicious that one cannot resist to have more of it. It goes well with both roti and rice.

It is also a healthy dish as lamb liver is very good for health and mutton liver benefits are plenty such as lamb liver is high in Vitamin A and includes ingestion of good quality protein..  It is good for increasing haemoglobin  levels in blood and many more.

We usually refer to mutton liver recipe in Hyderabad as kaleji ka salan and hope this recipe of mine is liked by my readers…

Mutton Liver is very soft in texture and slippery but this portion of the lamb is one of my favorites as it is healthy too. Making mutton liver fry mainly with pepper fry gives the best flavor . It can also be used to make liver curry.

If one does not like to pressure cook, then liver can also be made in a handi or a vessel and slow cooked for about 25 to 30 minutes without pressure cooking. It gives a good gravy if slow cooked by covering the lid on low flame.

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