Three Ingredients Oreo Cake

Oreo is everyone’s favourite cookies, especially with its sweet creme filling, one piece will never do its trick. Often enough, we find ourselves finishing half the packet off because they’re that good. If you’re a true fan of Oreo, you would know that there are many renditions of Oreo ranging from Oreo ice cream stick to Oreo Sandwich and more. In fact, Oreo cookies themselves come in a myriad of fillings too. This Twitter netizen has just shared a really simple Oreo cake that takes only 2 ingredients to perfect.

Oreo Cookies (Original Flavour), 200G of Fresh Milk (or chocolate full cream milk)


Step 1: Separate Oreo cookies from the fillings

Step 2: Crush the Oreo cookies into small pieces.

Step 3: Add in milk into the crushed Oreo bits then add in the Oreo fillings and mix until they blend well.

Step 4: Pour the mixture into a container and steam for around 20-30 minutes (depending on the depth of the mixture).

Step 5: Set aside to cool before enjoying.

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