Women & sensuality

It is not only the men, but even women face a lot of issues in their sensual life. Unlike men, whose changes in hormones and other factors in the body are limited, women tend to have a series of changes in their body, right from adolescence. These changes can be briefly classified as time spans in a women’s life – adolescence, puberty, marriage, pregnancy & menopause.

The topic of “sensuality” creates a ‘shhh’ among the family members and your kin. In our culture, our society, everything prohibits us from openly talking about these issues. Many women face through mental trauma even, unable to share their problems and troubles even to their soul mate. Added to this is the physical problem as well. There are many physical issues that a woman faces, – from a thicker hymen to unsatisfactory intimacy.

So, this video discusses these problems in detail and helps us know more on what is actually happening within the mind of a woman, in these matters. So to all the men, try to know more of your women through this video and help them out when needed.

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