ways to find her complete satisfaction

G_ point is the sacred spot in a woman’s body, associated with her sensual pleasure. So there is a lot of fuzz and myth about it. There are myths that only very few women get a extreme spot pleasure, while the truth is that majority of women are potent of this.

The spot is located only a little deep inside a woman’s intimate passage, towards the upper wall. Also deeper near this are the urinary bladder and urinal tract. A male who tries to give a the extreme spot pleasure to his woman must try to reach her spot and then give it gentle rubs. As the sensation builds up, her intimate area muscles will contract and she will slowly move towards an the ultimate pleasure.

This might happen quickly or rather slowly depending on the woman. Her bladder will start getting filled with pleasure fluid and builds pressure until she finishes into a squirting pleasure. If the woman is unfamiliar with this, then she might mistake the sensation for a need to urinate. Instead it is only a passionate climax of flooding fluid.

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