Vinegar and cancer detection

American Society for Clinical Oncology conducted a huge conference. In this, people across 120 countries joined. After 40 years of research, there has been a huge progress. There are a lot of cancers that can be completely cured. A few cancers can be treated completely during the initial phase. A few others can be treated just like a chronic disease. The last few are still are beyond the reach of doctors.

People strain and wait for the day when they can read in their morning news that cancer cure has been found. But it is not so simple and easy as it sounds. Cancer is not a separate disease, but it is a cluster of more than 200 types of diseases. To ward off cancer, it is completely a necessity to fight against each one of these 200 types and win.

Most people are not able to afford the huge cost behind treating this cancer. Be it leukaemia or breast cancer, the treatment is very costly. Countries like America can very well afford this, but they still suffer by not able to provide treatment to all, and then imagine the condition of a developing country like India.

To avoid these costly tests, a group of doctors in India took 75000 women in as experimental group, and another 75000 controlled group were noted for this vinegar test. This test lasted from 1998 to 2010. Go through this video to know more!

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