Unniyappam Recipe

Unniyappam is a very popular Kerala snack prepared from rice, sugar, jaggery and ghee. Keralites prepare it mainly during some festivals like Vishu, or during family rituals and functions. If you start eating it, you feel like having more.

It is believed that unniyappam was the first offering given to the Lord Ganapati after the installation by Perunthachan ( an ancient legendary carpenter, architect, woodcarver and sculptor from Kerala, India) and custom is till continuing.

There is also another myth behind this offering in the temple. The King of Kottarakkara who was not having children, offered to cover Lord Ganapathy with unniyappams, if he is blessed with a son. With God’s grace he got a son and when the King tried to fulfill his promise, with how many ever unniyappams cooked, it was not sufficient to cover Ganapathi. The King became sorrow and prayed to Ganapati that he will give it as offerings from sun rise to sun set and that started Udayastmana Pooja of the temple. Unniyappam is given to those believers who offer adoration on the days of this pooja and all the Udayastamana Poojas till 2026 have been booked because it will fulfill your wishes!

References : cheenachatti.com

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