Top 5 dumb-bell bicep exercises

Guys who have a dumb-bells ignored at one corner of the house can see this video to get five excellent effective exercises using them to build up your sexy biceps.

Five good techniques have been explained in this video. The first exercise is the alternating dumb-bell curl. The focus in this exercise must be to keep your palms face forward and alternatively curl up each arm with dumb-bell. Remember to fully extent the arm at the bottom of the movement and not to let the elbow move back beyond your hip. This isolates each bicep for maximum muscle engagement and hence results in great biceps.

Second exercise is the dumb-bell drag curl which gives a good workout to the peak of the bicep. Curl both arms with dumb-bells together and raise them up to the armpits. Push the elbows back and use lighter weights.

Hammer curls are like dumb-bell drags except that the palms must face each other (dumb-bell held like hammer) and they must be raised till shoulder.

For the last two special exercises, go through the video! Now you guys can surely get back to those long forgotten dumb-bells if you are not worried about outgrowing your shirts.

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