Tangy tamarind

Tamarind gives a sweet and tangy taste mixed and is loved by many. It is inevitable in the South Asian cuisine, and is found in every kitchen!

Tamarind tree produces a pod like fruit that is not only used to prepare food, but also to polish metals and as a medicine. Generally found in the tropical and sub tropical regions of the world, this tree are grown world-wide for its amazing uses!

Tamarind is used to prepare candies, chuntey, jams, sauces and a variety of desserts.

Let us take a look at the health benefits of tamarind, and why it is so popular in the South Asian Cuisine:

  • Treats piles
  • Great skin care
  • Prevents cancer
  • Controls cholesterol

For more of such benefits, and to know how it helps the body, go through the video!

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