Tamarind leaf fish roast

Fish curry made of tamarind leaves is an exotic dish from the tender hearts of rural Kerala culinary. Let’s learn how it is spiced.

The main ingredients we need are red onions, green chilli, tamarind leaves, ginger, turmeric powder, curry leaves, salt, garlic, black pepper, oil and fish. You can choose any kind of fish. Keep the fish cleaned and cut. Include all the masala ingredients and grind them into a dry paste. You can include little oil while mixing the masala if needed. Marinate the fish well with the fresh masala. Use ample amounts of the masala and apply on both sides of the fish. Give ten minutes for the fish to get seasoned with the masala.

Heat a pan well. Take a seasoned piece of fish in a banana leaf and wrap it well. Put the wrapped fish into the heated pan and allow it to get roasted. Allow the fish to be roasted very well for sufficient time. After one side is cooked well, flip the wrapped fish over to allow the other side to get roasted well.

Once both sides of the fish is roasted and cooked well, you can serve it with rice or roti. Add more green chilli and pepper if you need it more spicy.

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