Sweet Chappati

Here is one more exotic yummy recipe from the land of Malabar in Kerala. This tastes like crispy thick chappati with yummy sweet filling inside it.

The recipe has three main parts, viz. the filling, the chappati and the coating. The filling is made by shallow frying raisins, cashew nuts, sesame seeds and grated coconut in the ghee to get a fried mix with a delicious smell that would make your mouths water. Few eggs and sugar are added to this and made into a sweet fried tight mixture.

The dough for chappati is prepared by adding lukewarm water to plain flour and mixing it into a tight paste. After letting the dough moisten for around half an hour, small balls can be made out of this and then spread to make flat round foliates of roughly equal size. The flat breads are then lightly cooked like chappatis.

Each chappati is first soaked in milk and then in beaten egg to soften it. Then the chappati is laid in a pan containing melted ghee. A layer of the filling is spread on this chappati. Similarly more layers can be made over this with softened chappatis and filling one over the other. The remaining beaten egg is poured on the top and sides of the thick chappati layer.

The chappati layer in pan is then cooked on medium flame for 2-3 minutes and then baked by placing it on top of another wide pan and heating at medium flame for around 15 minutes. Flip the chappati layer and transfer it to the bottom wider pan to get baked for another 10 minutes.

After this effort demanding recipe you will get a tasty sweet chappati worth all that effort.

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