Snake bite treatment

As Nicholas Cage said, “every great story begins with a snake!” seems to be true as the ones who do get a bite have a great story to say for the rest of our lives!

We are living in the cities and hence we find these cases to be rare these days. But there are cases reported all over the world. On a statistical level, out of 1000 deaths 10 are reports of snake bites. So we cannot neglect the possibility it may happen to ones we love as well. All we can do is be prepared for it.

Approximately 3000 varieties of snakes are known to us, out of which only 15% are venomous. These venomous snakes though are highly dangerous. There are 3 specific reactions that are present. We can check for these and tests can show if there are possibilities of venom gets under.

To know more, go through the video.

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