Sexual Problems in Men:

Clinically, it is generally agreed that men have an active role in sexual intercourse and women have a passive role. A man needs to attain a good erection so as to ensure a good mating. Thus, men needs to be mentally and physically fit in all terms so as to be sexually fit. There are many factors that could affect sexual fitness. These broadly include neurological fitness, hormonal, vascular (blood flow) and psychological.

Other than the physical and mental fitness of a person to qualify for sexual fitness, sometimes, ignorance could be a big problem. It is often found that men and women do not have a good understanding of the basics of sexuality, sexual life and fitness. In India, even married adults from ‘orthodox families’ could be found completely ignorant about fathering or mothering a child. Wrong beliefs like just sleeping together on a bed is sufficient to have a baby exist in this modern world.

Popular sexual problem of modern men is erectile dysfunction. Though this problem is caused by plenty of reasons, both physical and mental, treatment is available for most kinds of erectile dysfunctions.

Other issues seen to be at increase are tumours related to men sexual organs and premature ejaculation. Both of these are clinically related to unhealthy habits. Treatment for these are available thought prevention is the better choice.

Generally, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs and smoking are all seen to have tremendous effect on sexual fitness and the ability to perform sexually. Men having other health issues like diabetes, heart related problems etc are also seen to have effects on their sexual fitness. Even obesity is proven to be a dangerous villain!

The treatment methods and technology have improved by tremendous leaps in the recent past. However, what has not improved is the awareness that people have about sexual fitness and related health problems. So, consulting a doctor regarding sexual problems is not a bad choice at all.

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