Self play satisfaction

Selfplay is the act of attaining sensual satisfaction by exciting one’s sensual organs by oneself. The participation of any other person in any way will not make the sensual act as selfplay.

Generally, men are seen to be more interested or associated with selfplay than women, though women themselves are not so behind. Selfplay is a topic of many doubts and myths. And the knowledge about its effects on the health are also unknown to most.

The most frequently asked queries regarding selfplay are whether it reduces one’s weight, will it affect married/sensual life and whether it is a sin. Selfplay is not seen to directly have an effect on weight of a person. However, selfplay could affect one’s marriage/sensual life as studies have shown that the person who continues to masturbate even after marriageable age tends to lose interest in lovemaking with his partner. Finally, the question whether it is a sin is a much argued one. Clinically this is still not classified completely as a right or wrong thing to do. However, Christianity has specifically condemned selfplay as a sinful act.

There are other important health issues associated with selfplay that needs to be addressed. A person engaging in selfplay for very long might end up having a lower chance of having reproduction capacity. This is associated with the reduction in sperm count in the semen. During selfplay, a high amounts of energy is consumed in the process very often leaving the person tired. The person might ultimately find himself/herself very tired most of the time if he/she engages in selfplay regularly with very small intervals. Women who masturbate have more chances to catch an infection than men.

The more general problems associated with selfplay are the psychological issues. Already the dissatisfaction in sensual life with partner was mentioned. Other than that, people who engage in selfplay can lose concentration on study or work. They may develop many kinds of worries like size of their sensual organs, premature ejaculation, chances of reproducing etc. People engaging in selfplay are also found to fantasize a lot or watching pornography which lead to morbid mental health.

Every person might encounter selfplay at some stage in their life and may use it as a means to relieve their sensual pleasures. But it is very important to subdue the urges to have a healthy life in the long run. If unchecked, selfplay can be very highly damaging both in terms of physical and mental health.

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