Self-massage – breast tissue

Hey, here is something very special for the ladies. This video is about self-massage techniques for breast tissue. But, if you are suffering tender or sore breasts then please do consult a doctor before concluding self-massage as a feasible remedy. This routine can help you keep your breasts healthy.

Massage reduces tension, increases drainage, improves circulation and quickly relieves pain. The frequency of this treatment can be restricted to one week for overall preventive health but can be increased up to once a day to reduce any active discomfort. Use a pressure that is comforting and application of oil and lotion is optional. Spending about 5 min on each breast is considered sufficient.

Begin to mobilizing your breast by gently cupping and rotating the breast. Let the breast rotate between your palms. Move forwards and backwards until your breast is completely mobilized. Lift your breast up with one hand and use the pads of your other palm to gently scoop up the breast and move to the centre. Repeat this for all areas around the breast and always apply the pressure inwards. While supporting the breast with one hand, gently massage from the nipples to outwards. The massaging should be done in small circular motions. Continue to apply pressure inward while moving outward. Continue to work around the entire breast, around the nipple, until you return to where you began. Mobilize and drain the breasts further by repeating the initial two steps again. Flush your breasts by applying pressure from the back to the front, to the nipple. Repeat all these steps for the other breast as well. Also jiggle the breasts for a while.

This should help you relax your breasts. But overdoing this might prove to be counterproductive. So take care ladies…


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