Say bye to bubbly back fat

There are a lot of problems that many people face with those extra chunks of fat bulging out from the beautiful body. It is really hard to target and attack just one fat in the body. It is always better for a general body fitness and reduction program. This way not only reduces the overall fat, but also gives a toned look to the body.

Though fat reduction in a targetted area is tough, it is not impossible. Just follow this routine and you will be in your desired shape soon. So the things you may wish to have for these exercises are : A long band, some hand weights.

So lets start!

Start by doing the swimmer’s position. Just move your hands as if you are actually swimming, but make sure that the hand muscles are really used instead of just moving the hands. Count to a determined number and finish the count. Move on to the next exercise – straight arm reverse stretch – either just with hands or use the long band for this. Follow this with working your back muscles. There are a lot more of these to do.

For the instructions for these exercises and the next few, go through the video.

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