Safe and hygienic sensual activities

Sensual activities are an inevitable part in any couple’s life and one of the most intimate moments in their life as well. The five senses of the body- sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch plays a vital role in determining the interest in sensual activities, especially for the women.

Drinking is one such thing that makes the interest of a woman fall. When the partner drinks, women tend to dislike the smell that comes out of a man and thus is not interested to be close to the man. Smoking is much more serious issue, as the smell tends to remain in the persons mouth and sweat, several hours after they have smoked.

Not only these, the places where couples are intimate should be clean and the partners themselves should be clean when participating in any sensual activity. Disregarding these facts may tend to several infections in both the partners.

Look into this video for more details. Have proper hygiene and enjoy the intimate moments in life!

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