Remedy for knee pains

Knee pain are no new comers! Almost everyone at one point or another would have experienced knee problems! The main cause of knee pain can be attributed to our lifestyle – primarily our food. The food we consume is filled with chemicals via various means.

A single leaf can be solution to both your knee pain and knee swelling issues. Known as the Swallow Wort or Madar (Malayalam: erikkuila), can be used to cure your pain.

Preparation method:

  • 5-6 leaves should be mixed with water and brought to a boil. After the water cools down a bit, a cloth should be dipped in the water and kept on the problem are for a while. Repeat the process multiple times for instant pain relief
  • Apply sesame oil over the leaf and heat it using coal. Tie this to the problem are using a thin cloth. It can also instantly help in getting rid of your pain.

Of course vegetables and fruits in good quantity can help your body. Get rid of fat if you are obese. Avoid walking in rough surfaces and lifting heavy weights.

These tips can generally help you get rid of your back pain.

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