Premature flow

Premature flow could be very embarrassing for men and has often been the reason for unhappy marriage lives. Break ups and divorces over these are not new. Even in cases where your partner is ready to love you beyond this issue, you might not be saved from her teasing! Some information to help you worried guys are briefed here.

Firstly, if a man ejaculates only after 7-20 entries into his partner (jerks), then it is not generally seen as premature flow. So, after all, many of you might actually not be suffering from this. Further, if you feel you suffer from it, then there are simple methods to improve your condition.

Premature flow is seen to be a psychological effect in many cases. So often the effective treatment against it is to prepare your mind accordingly. Make sure that you and your partner are completely free of daily worried due to work or other reasons. The moments spent between you two are very private moments which must not be affected by other things. Seeking counselling for the same can help a lot.

Simple homely medications are available against premature flow. One method is to chew some fenugreek (uluva) half an hour before mating. Other method is to boil milk with some asparagus (root) powder (shatavri kizhangu) added to it and then consuming that milk twice daily. The results are better when this milk is consumed in empty stomach in the morning as well as night, about an hour before food. These are very natural measures against premature flow.

If the flow needs to be delayed during intercourse, then there is a simple technique for that too. When you know that you are nearing climax, either you or your partner can press your penis with three fingers, thumb, index and middle, without hurting it so as to stop delay your climax. This technique might not work in the beginning or at all times. You will get to know when and how to do it only after you try it couple of times. So you must try to do it a few times without losing hope. Further, this technique can be employed 3-4 times in an intercourse without causing any other problems.

So guys, stop worrying and go give your woman the long awaited sensual of her dreams.

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