Diabetes is spread like an epidemic disaster. Especially in Keralites! This is mainly due to the improper lifestyle that we are so willing to follow. What we are forgetting here is the fact that our age old traditions were designed by our ancestors after careful planning of our day to day activities and the food culture.

Day after day we are pulled more towards the western style of living, and day after day the average diabetic patient’s age decreases. This video does not talk about diabetes or its effects, or the medications. This video actually focuses on what happens before a person becomes diabetic.

This state is called the “pre-diabetes”. This state goes by various names, that is not actually important. What really important is the fact that approximately three fourth of the population above 20 years of age is in this state.

This means, you too may be one of this! Go through the video to check out more on this topic!

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