Prawn pickle

To all the spicy non-veg lovers, this is another exotic mouth-watering recipe from the land of Kerala. The ingredients needed for this pickle are:

½ kg prawn, a big piece of ginger and around 20 garlic pieces ground well in a mixer, half a tomato chopped, half tablespoon turmeric powder, around 4 tablespoon red chilli powder, half tablespoon asafoetida powder (powdered after shallow frying in oil), quarter tablespoon of powdered fenugreek, couple of dry red chilli, oil and salt. Some part of the turmeric powder, chilli powder and some salt should be mixed well with cleaned prawns to get them marinated.

The marinated prawns must be added to hot oil in a kadai and they should be fried at medium flame. Once the prawns are fried uniformly they may be take out and kept aside. The same oil can be used to make the masala. For this, mustard seeds, dry chilli, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder, chilli powder and tomato may be added in sequence giving sufficient time for each item to get fried. Sufficient salt must be added to the contents and must be closed with a lid and put on low flame so that the tomato is cooked well. If the tomato doesn’t get cooked well, the pickle could get spoiled easily.

To the cooked contents the asafoetida and fenugreek powders must be added. These must be allowed to diffuse into the contents after adding sufficient quantity of vinegar. Once the masala is ready, the fried prawns may be added and mixed well with the masala to make yummy prawn pickle. The pickle can be stored in a clean and dry bottle.

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