Pep up with Bush pepper

Say what you may, an ingredient in your food, if is taken right out of your garden, the taste and the love for the food increases many fold. Added to this is the fact that the food is completely healthy. Like any food material these days, pepper and chilli powders are also adulterated. This adulteration may occur either by using chemicals as fertilizers or mixed while powdering the substance. It is hard to find the source and the level of adulteration, and hence it becomes harder to eradicate the adulteration from our food.

Therefore, it is always advisable and better to have your own garden filled with such goodness, rather than just decorative pots. Peppers always add to the flavour, smell and the taste of the food, why not take this a step more by cultivating fresh pepper right at your door step.

You hardly need any space, and it needs less maintenance. What’s more? Once it starts giving pepper, you will not only be self-sufficient, but you will also have in excess.

Go through the video, for further information and instructions.

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