Organic pesticide

Day after day the food we eat is becoming more of a poison and less of actual food. Pesticides are chemicals used on plants that are meant to keep plants free of any weeds and pests but instead of attacking only on these pests, pesticides start reacting with the plant directly. They also tend to be absorbed into the soil thus affecting soil fertility and even ground water.

Pesticides have reduced the goodness that a plant has by making it more toxic day by day. Mother’s everyday wish for their family to get better food and organic food and are ready to spend a lot more for this. Little do they know that organic food can be easily cultivated with very little money where as these chemicals cost a fortune.

So to all those wonderful farmers and gardeners out there, we give you a simple combination that will ward away all the pests that attack your lovely plants, leaving them fresh and healthy.

For details on this pesticide, go through the video.

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