Orange peel magic

Who hasn’t heard their grandma say that oranges are great for your skin? Every bit of the orange fruit proves its greatness to us. Take the orange, and use the pulp in your skin to get a soft and supple skin. Or you can simply eat it, to get beautiful from inside and keep the outer layer of orange aside for enhancing your outer beauty.

Given here are the most commonly used orange peel face packs in India that will give you a clear and soft skin. Orange peel powder has anti-bacterial properties, vitamin C, and skin lightening agent. The anti bacterial properties help our skin to get rid of the acne and give a soft and clear skin. The vitamin C present in orange works wonders in removing the tan from your skin and gives you a fairer skin tone. Orange peel also helps in removing the excess oil in your skin and the clears up the acne marks present as well.

Orange peel powders are readily available in the market or you can make them at your home as well. For making the orange peel powder at home, sun-dry the peel for a couple of weeks and them grind them to a fine powder. Store this in an airtight container and use when necessary.

Now that you know the benefits you can get out this peel powder, don’t you wish to try them yourself? This video gives a few packs that can be used on a regular basis to get you that skin you always dreamed of. For the pack recipes, go through the video.

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