Open pore – No more

Everybody’s skin contains pores. These pores contain oil glands which help keep our skin moisturised. These pores also help the sweat glands to excrete any waste materials from our skin in the form of sweat. Due to various reasons, these pores enlarge and cause marks in our skin. This is also known as ‘strawberry skin’.

There are various reasons which cause this condition. Some of them include heredity, ageing, pollution, oily skin, pimples, squeezing black heads etc. In the case of ageing, the skin loses its elasticity and the pores don’t shrink. Due to pollution, dust and dirt settle in the skin and if there is any lack in the skin care regimen, the pores in the skin enlarge. If we have excess oily skin, the oil helps the dirt to settle in the pores blocking the skin from breathing and thus enlarges the pores. Breaking of pimples leaves mark in the skin and the pores around enlarge. Squeezing of blackheads is also a very common reason for large pores in the skin.

Now that know the reasons, let us see some natural remedies to treat this.

  • Apple cider vinegar + egg face mask
  • Cucumber + honey + Lime juice face mask

Apart from these, make sure to follow the basic skin care regimen on a regular basis. Look into the video for more details.

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