Off you go cramps

The cramps and the pain that we feel during the menstruation time are really horrible. Girls curl up in bed for a complete day not wanting to eat or go out. Many are in the idea of taking tablets to reduce the pain, but do you actually know you are harming your body by doing so?

So here we present to some yogic exercises that you can practise to get rid of those nasty cramps. Give a look.

There is a myth that one cannot practise yoga during menstrual times, but it is not so. There are a lot of asanas that have to be avoided, and a few that can be practised and actually help you during these times.

Hold each position of the asana for 20 – 30 seconds and make sure to do the asana on each side of the body. These yogic exercises are bound to reduce your cramps naturally and improve your energy during the menstrual time, when women generally feel weak.

So try these out, and bid bye to your cramps!

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