Natural shampoo

Everyone of knows how bad the chemicals are, yet we use it daily in our lives. Starting from the tooth paste we use to the skin creams, all are chemicals. How much ever they seem to work initially, they are bound to have bad effects on your skin and hair.

So if there is a chance, and there is, why don’t we use a better product? A product that is guaranteed to have no side effects ever!

This video presents such a naturally made shampoo right out of kitchen and available at all grocery stores. This is so simple to make and store for a long time. The ingredients needed are:

  • ¼ kg Green gram
  • ¼ kg Fenugreek

Mix both well and powder them well. Store this powder in an air tight container. When needed grind this with hibiscus leaves to achieve a shampoo like texture and use it.

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