Natural remedies for black heads and black spots

What are blackheads actually? These are formed in the oily parts of the skin, especially the face. These are commonly seen in the ‘T’ zone of the face, i.e. the forehead, nose and chin. We give a few simple techniques to remove these blackheads right at the comfort of your home.

While going to the parlour, they will remove your blackheads and whiteheads after scrubbing, but there are chances that while removing like this, a small hole or pit like structure is formed on the face which takes away the beauty of the face. So instead of using such removers, it is better to try out this simple technique to remove blackheads and whiteheads in your face.

Mix a teaspoonful of Masoor dal powder ,1 teaspoonful of turmreic and some milk. Mix the three thoroughly and apply on the clean face. Rinse the mask after 15 minutes with gentle mashing which will remove dead skin cells as well. Masoor dal packs are also protein rich hence wonderful for the skin fairness. This also even tones the skin.

Orange peel contains powerful properties that help keep annoying pimples away. Apply a thick coat of this zit-busting orange peel face mask to deep-cleanse your pores and drive out the dirt, grime, excess oil, and bacteria, all of which cause pimples and blackheads to form on the skin surface.Orange peel powder mixed with rose water and apply on your face.

Take a ripe tomato and cut into 4 pieces. Identify the portions with blackheads in your face. Apply more tomato on these areas and massage gently. Let it set for 15 minutes. Wash off properly with warm water. Follow this with a face pack for maximum effectiveness.

Take equal portions of soaked oats and roughly ground almond powder. Mix these with water to form a homogeneous paste. Apply this lavishly all over the face and neck. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Massage the pack gently after 15 minutes in circular motions. With lukewarm water, wash off the pack.

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