Nails can sign your health status

Did you know this? Here is a video with an incredulous health fact. You can see the warning sign that your nails flash at you to know how healthy you are. So here is how it is to be read the right way.

Many serious health problems related to lungs, liver and heart can be detected through your fingernails. Though pale nails are usually associated with ageing, it can also be an early indicator of illnesses like Anemia, Liver Diseases, Malnutrition, Congestive Heart Failure and Diabetes. White nails with dark rims could be indicating Hepatitis or Jaundice. And yellow nails could be just due to fungal or infection or beware, it could be indicating psoriasis or thyroid too.

Bluish nails are as weird as the indication they might be giving you. They are caused due to lack of availability of adequate oxygen to your body, even indirectly due to sicknesses like lung infection or Pneumonia. Rippled nails is another weird member from the family of odd nails which might be indicating inflammatory Arthritis or Psoriasis.

Moving to the scary members, dark lines under the nail is true indication of Melanoma which is a serious form of skin cancer. And now to the grand culmination of this article (and the video), gnawed nails could mean that you are a talented nail biter or that you could well be suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

Fun aside, if our nails could tell us so much about our health let us not make the mistake of overlooking them and visiting a doctor too late. Save yourself!

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