Move your abs

What is abs? Abs, also known as abdominis muscle or abdominals are actually paired muscles on each side of the wall of abdomen. The main responsibility is to help flexing the spine. It also helps in breathing and plays an important role in keeping the internal organs intact while lifting heavy objects.

This video gives you 10 different abs exercises which are to be repeated 45 seconds each and 10 second rest intervals between each. Not all exercise is advisable for everyone. Hence before trying out an exercise, please check factors like flexibility, strength and overall health. Any exercise can lead to injuries and so, people trying out such exercise are advised to be careful. Exercises suggested here make use of dumbbells, but if they aren’t available, use some weighted objects or filled water bottle.

While exercising, make sure to do it slowly and maintain regular intake of air. Be calm and composed in order to retain the energy. Any exercise should be repeated on both the sides of body evenly. Always start with the weaker section and then move to the next section and repeat the same number of times.

Do these abs exercises regularly and achieve toned abs.

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