Modern day tech affects your sensual life!

We are so busy these days, day in and day out we keep peeping into our computers or our mobile phones. Work is carried over to home and we still do work at home, have we ever thought how it affects our partner? What do they yearn for? Are you destroying the life you actually wish to build by working so hard just by working so hard? If these questions ring a bell to you, then you need to go through this video right now!

You need to take a step back, sit, think and realize what you are doing to yourself and your partner and about how this modern day technology is affecting your life? You also need to try to remember when the last time was when you spent a day out of this grid and gave time solely for your loved ones!

There is a huge misconception that only youngsters and teens are affected by the sites and content provided in the net, but people from the tender age of 15 to the wise age of 80 are prey to this. Not just our personal lives, but many fall prey to the cyber crimes that are increasing at an alarming rate coz of these unwanted exposures and thoughts.

People need to treat human companion as a human companion and the computer as just a machine. Laptops and desktops are just a piece of machine that needs to make your life simpler and not dominate the most of it.

This video rightly explains about all of this in a beautiful manner. Go through the video and enlighten yourself!

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