Memory Loss

Multi-tasking, improper food and sleep, Unhealthy lifestyle are the primary causes of memory loss. BP, diabetes can reduce the blood flow to the brain which can also lead to memory loss. Memory loss at an early stage may seem like a simple problem but eventually it can lead to huge losses in both personal and work life.

Age related diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are irreversible and affects the person’s life permanently! Malnutrition is yet another common factor that leads to memory loss. Stereoids are these days commonly used, and this can very easily lead to memory loss. Mental stress and pressure also causes memory loss.

To help you reduce memory loss and also help save yourselves from a lot of brain related damage you must avoid a series of food. They include:

  • Exccess use of sugar
  • Foods that include fructose
  • Soft drinks

And more.

To know more, go through the video.

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