Matsyasana – Fishy fish pose

Matsyasana is a basic yoga posture, which expands the wind pipe and lungs to the maximum thus helping the body receive a gush of much needed oxygen. Having said this, it is best for people having breathing troubles, especially asthma. Since the stretching of the thyroid and para-thyroid glands are also involved, it helps in strengthening these glands and helps people having thyroid problems.

Matsyasana can be treated as the opposite or counter to sarvangasana, which shrinks the neck. It is needed that once sarvangasana is done, for the same period of time matsyasana should be practised. This yoga posture, as mentioned before, is one of the most common postures and must be practised daily without fail for maximum benefits.

We show you the proper way to do this asana.

Lie down facing towards the ceiling with your hands and legs spread away from the body and relax. Slowly bring both legs and hands towards the body. Bend both the legs and pull up the hips as high as possible. Cross your hands underneath the hips in an ‘X’ position and lie down over the hands. Move the hands so that they are not bent under your body. Now bring your legs straight.

Taking a deep breath, raise your head from the floor and look towards the feet. Breathe out and slowly drop your head backwards towards the floor and lift up the chest. Maintain this position and take deep breaths, as deep as possible.

After remaining in this position for few minutes, lift your head up while continuing to breathe and lie flat on the ground slowly while exhaling. Do the reverse process to remove the hand underneath your body.

Try this yogic exercise and bid bye to all of your breathing problems.

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