Male Infertility

Getting into such serious topics would require clear and accurate stating of information. So, to begin with, a couple is said to be in a state of infertility only if the couple has failed to conceive a child despite a year long relationship involving intercourse and mating. The most important concept to be noted here is that of the total infertility. In case a couple is unable to conceive child, the infertility is considered as that of the couple together than of any one individual. This is a consequence of medical studies which revealed that even if one of the partners has low fertility, the other partner can compensate for this if he/she is sufficiently fit and fertile. This is the main reason why the treatment for infertility are also administered to the both the partners together than to one of them. If one of them is sufficiently fit and fertile, then the treatment might improve his/her health and fertility more and thus give better chances of conceiving.

Then there is the underestimation of role of man’s fertility in conceiving a child. It is generally, especially in Indian society, the women bear the brunt of infertility or seen as the cause of unsuccessful sexual life/child. Whether or not a woman is infertile, it is very easy to determine reasons for infertility (or other sexual issues) and also easy to treat for specific cases [of sexual issues] of men than women. Hence, diagnosis and treatment oriented towards the couple together as well as the man are more beneficial than pointing at the woman.

Most of the reasons for a man’s infertility can be diagnosed directly from a sperm test. There are well laid out benchmarks for the volume and count of sperm as well as it’s motility. Based on these parameters and their corresponding benchmark’s treatment to improve the man’s ability to father a child can be arrived at. Most of these benchmarks and other information were documented by WHO based on its studies across the world.

Then there are other unhealthy habits and other activities which lead to infertility in a man. In such cases, the man is not born or doesn’t enter puberty as a less infertile individual, but his fertility is seriously reduced due to prolonged ill habits like consumption of alcohol, excess masturbation etc.

All men must understand, from this, that male infertility could cause serious troubles to conceiving a baby. However, presently it is possible to diagnose and treat this. The most important take-away lessons are the need for awareness and liberation from unhealthy habits to achieve a fruitful married life.

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