Makeup – Traditional Kerala Style

Makeup and women have a complicated relationship. Some gets delighted in transforming their look with the flick of a brush. Others keep it simple, sticking with the bare basics and often forgetting to put it on. Any some hate the stuff, either because they don’t like its feel on their skin, or don’t like what it stands for. Love it or hate it, women have been using makeup, in different forms, for a very long time.

Kerala is known for its distinct taste and culture. Women in Kerala generally are not very fond of heavy makeup, but they might go for it when they become brides. They all want makeup in a way that it matches with the attire and stands out of the crowd. Elegance is one word a Kerala woman strictly adheres to when it comes to makeup.

Watch this video and see how Kerala style makeup makes women appear younger by playing with facial features and skin tone. At the same time, it is subtle yet classy. With a good hairstyle to match up, women will feel gorgeous and look elegant throughout the day.

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