Make up everyday

Every day we tend to put on a cream/ face powder or blush to enhance our skin and the naturally beautiful face. But many a times, we end up looking artificial hiding all our beauty in those thick layers of unwanted make up. How do we do it the right way?

No matter what kind of makeup you are about to apply make sure your skin is dirt and oil free. Dab off the extra oil in your face with a tissue or a cotton cloth. After this, use a moisturiser or any base that you normally use. Massage this well into your skin. After this, use a foundation, preferably water based.

Use a compact next followed by a lip liner. Evenly spread it. Use eye shadow that matches your dress instead of gaudy colours. Use eye pencil, kajal and mascara and finish off the makeup. The stylist also provides a hair style that tends to go with jeans and tops.

Look into it and try to do it yourself.

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    please send beauty tips

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