Know what you are eating

Do we actually care what we are gorging in? We buy a lot of packaged foods these days and eat it almost daily. What we fail to notice is what we are actually eating. A package that says fruit juice need not actually contain only that. So make it a point to check on the ingredients of what you are drinking.

This video gives you three simple tips that will hardly take a few seconds each to follow when you are at the super market buying stuff. But these will save you a lot in your health issues. So the tips are:

  • Make sure to check how much calorie each serving gives, and the size of each serving.
  • Check the ingredients; the order in which they are printed mostly gives the quantity of presence in the dish.
  • If the list of ingredients given is real long, then avoid it as it means that the product contains a lot of processed items in it.

Follow these for a better health for you and your near and dear ones.

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