Know about skin tags

Skin tags are small pieces of skin that come over your normal skin and look a bit like warts. These mostly appear on the eyelids and the back of the neck. Skin tags may be smooth or irregular in appearance.
Skin tag mainly comes due to rubbing of skin and hence, over weight and obese people tends to have these more. During pregnancy, women are seen to have more skin tags. Other factors include genetics, diabetes, hormonal changes etc.

When we wear tight dresses, the friction in the skin increases and there are more chances of skin tags occurring. Normally these fall off by themselves in 2 to 3 weeks, and only rarely do they take the form of infection. But if it is irritating you by any means, these simple techniques can be done at home it to remove skin tags.
Take onion juice and rub it over the warts continuously for 10-15 days
Onion pieces and salt should be kept over the skin tag overnight
Mix baking soda and castor oil to form a paste. Apply this over the skin tag and leave it overnight. Wash off with warm water
Use pineapple juice over the skin tag and leave it for a minimum of 2- 3 hours. It is not necessary to wash it off, but required wash off with lukewarm water.
These techniques are bound to not only remove skin tags, but also helps by reducing the chances of new skin tags occurring on your skin.
Consult a dermatologist only if it is creating a problem for you, else use the above mentioned remedies to naturally remove your skin tags.
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