Kalathappam – Pesaha Appam Kerala Recipe

Kalathappamis a famous snack from Kerala Muslim cuisine. It is a Malabar recipe,made from rice flour,jaggery sugar, fried onions, coconut oil, coconut flakes and cardamom. The traditional way of making Kalathappam is by  using Mud vessel (Chatti/Kalam) and putting some ember on top of it called ” dum “.Keep stirring the batter while boiling. Then pour it to the very hot kalam(mud vessel). The traditional way of Kalathappam is not feasible in our new lifestyle.Today it is either cooked in a pan like a pancake or baked in a traditional oven or even a rice cooker.
Raw Rice-2 cup
Urad dal-1/4
Small onion-as needed for taste
Curry leaves-a small bunch
Coconut flakes-as needed for taste
Cumin seeds-2 teaspoon
Oil- as needed
Salt-to taste
Water-needed to form batter
To make batter
Soak the raw rice and urad dal in water for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hour.
After one hour wash the rice and urad dal.Blend it in a mixer. Transfer the batter to a side.The final batter should be in the consistency of Idli batter. It determines the softness of Kalathappam.
Keep a pan on heat.Once it is hot pour oil enough to fry the coconut flakes. When it starts changing colour take it out.In the remaining oil add some curry leaves and small onion to fry. Wait till its colour changes.When it is light brown take it out and add the fried ingredients to the batter. add in some cumin seeds and salt to taste.Mix the batter well and set aside for one hour.
Kalathappam cooked by using oven
Take a baking tray, pour oil to it.Pour half of the batter to the pan.Remember there should be enough place left for the batter to rise when it is baked.Pre heat the oven,set the temperature to 350 degree.Place the baking tray to the oven and bake to 45 minutes.
Kalathappam cooked by using pan
Heat a pan add oil to it.Pour the remaining batter onto the pan.Turn the flame to minimum, cook till the batter separate from the sides of the pan.Reverse the side and cook till it crispens. This is a very good snack. Its healthier too. It should not be kept for the next day. You should finish it the preparation day itself.

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