Improve your gut health

A proper lifestyle and timely intake of right food reduces half the chances of falling sick. These two factors contribute a lot to a healthy life, and as the saying goes, “Health is wealth”. But there are cases where in even after taking care of the body, we are affected by certain health related issues.

Here we will analyse how to control or modify our food intake for those who has issues related to stomach. Though this is a general diet for people with stomach issues, for certain people, this may not be suitable. Before following any diet plan, it is better to consult your doctor to make sure this really is the perfect diet plan for you.

In some cases, the diet plan may seem to work, but certain elements may not be acceptable. For such people it is always good to have alternatives arranged instead of completely avoiding that food content. The alternative chosen should provide all the benefits of the food that has been replaced.

One such example is that, fibre is really required for any person. Approximately 40 gm of fibre can be taken daily in our regular meal. Fibre is actually good for any digestive problems. But the exception comes for ulcer patients, though this also is a stomach related problem, ulcer patients are not recommended with fibre foods.

So take care of the food you eat, and consult your doctor if necessary.

Go through the video for more details!

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