If men and women watch blue films together

Spouses watching such films is one of the issue that can cause tear in marriage life. For some couples pornography don’t cause problems but for other couples, the use of pornography is a deal breaker.

When a wife discovers that her man is viewing such films, she often has feelings of rage, repulsion, disappointment, and mistrust. Her feelings of anger and hurt are intensified if he prefers viewing porn over having sex with her.Some wives consider pornography to be insulting, degrading, and a form of cheating. Many husbands do not understand their wives anger about the use of pornography and do not see themselves as being unfaithful.

There is a lot of such films on the net that glorifies violence, particularly against women. There have been suggestions that some of this could provoke men to harm their partners or commit rape.

It is a good idea if couples discuss their attitude to such films early on in their relationship and agree some home rules about how much such films is viewed or read and of what type. People often find this difficult, but communication is generally the key to keeping the habit within normal bounds.If it is discussed before it becomes a huge problem.

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