How to grow thick eyelashes & eyebrows

Castor Oil For Eyelashes and eyebrows Growth

Castor oil is found to be effective in growing and thickening eyelashes.t is also capable of preventing them from breaking and can also trigger the growth of eyelashes at places where they are not present in abundance.Apply castor oil in eye lashes and eye brows .Castor oil is comprised of vitamin E, minerals, proteins and antibacterial properties.Enhancing the growth of eyelashes is just one among them.

The harsh sun can create 100s of problems to your tender skin – especially in the summer months. There are a lot of problems ranging from acne to blemishes that can be caused in ones skin especially the ladies.

Here is a tip on how to protect yourself and your lovely skin during the summer.

  • Keep skin replenished
  • Do not clog the skin with excess chemicals
  • Get the skin enough nutrients

For more such tips, go through the video.

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